Development of the EDAQ-SS and SSHUB

Development and Testing of a Daily Activity Questionnaire for Stroke Survivors and the online

Stroke may have an impact on daily activities. To help Stroke Survivors to gain their independence back they need to have a detailed assessment. Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) are necessary to understand the limitations from a patient’s perspective.

However, a recent systematic review showed that the existing PROMs for Stroke Survivors to assess daily activities have limitations. There is a growing need for a valid, reliable and comprehensive PROM to assist clinicians and patients to achieve optimum functional outcomes and detect change over time to help with setting treatment goals. Such a PROM exists for the assessment of functional limitations in people with rheumatic and musculoskeletal conditions; the Evaluation of Daily Activity Questionnaire (EDAQ). We want to develop and test a version of the EDAQ for  Stroke Survivors (EDAQ-SS).

If you find this study interesting, the Participant Information Sheet can tell you more about the study and what it will involve. Please, contact us by using our contact details, if you have further questions to ask about the study.