What is Stroke Survivors Hub?

Welcome to the SSHUB

SSHUB (strokesurvivorshub.com) is a self-management platform for Stroke Survivors to:

  • help you to understand the extent to which stroke has impacted your life and daily activities
  • enable access to practical advice and solutions to help with your self-management of stroke
  • be part of a wider Stroke Survivors community to get peer help and support

Currently, SSHUB is under development via an iterative research process to ensure it provides a valid and reliable assessment of your needs, whilst it is an easily accessible platform for Stroke Survivors and their family and carers. This process will take time, so please bear with us. Nevertheless, your feedback is important for us. Therefore, please contact us with any feedback or comments and suggestions you may have through our Contact Us page.

SSHUB aims to help Stroke Survivors to better understand their symptoms and be more proactive in their treatment pathway. You will be able to download and save/print the result of your assessments to discuss these in your consultations with clinicians, which will allow your engagement in your treatment at a higher level. When the development of the SSHUB is completed, it will be your one-stop online platform and will allow you to:

  • create your own free health record to follow your progression through self-assessments
  • receive tailored advice about the difficulties you may have in daily activities and participation
  • access to latest developments in the field of stroke

We know that personal data matters. Therefore, we have an easy to read General Data Protection (GDPR) Policy to explain how personal data is collected, used, shared and disposed of to meet data protection requirements. Before your registration, please make sure that you have read the SSHUB GDPR Policy, to understand how we will collect and protect your data.


Thank you very much for visiting.